Statistics for Nov 12th 2017


This map above is real geographic listener locations.


Countries reached in October 2017

190 Countries were reached on the site for this month: United States, Canada, Germany, Haiti, India, Poland, Hungary, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, Fiji, Taiwan, Province Of China, Russia Federation, China, Iran (Islamic Republic Of), and much more…
From each of those countries above, someone had spent at least 7 minutes on the site.

Podcast episodes downloaded

More than 53,000 downloads have been already made from the Podcast
People have downloaded episodes of our Podcast from those countries: United States, Canada, Haiti, Spain, Saudi Arabia, France.

Radio Stations used

By God’s grace, lives have been touched on the web and on the air through Radio Pa Nou, Radio Le Phare, Radio Omega, Radio La Voix des Elus, Radio 4VVE, Radio, Radio, Radio La Source, and Radio

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